Hello, Ciao, Hola, Salve, Yaho


Creative Portfolio

Sometimes inspiration comes from an observation in a moment, followed by a desire to express with affection; we remember, and create.  Memories connect these moments and form stories.  So one thing leads to another connecting matter; found objects, and ephemera.  The D Michael Studio Portfolio is a collection of fragments assembled to engage, inspire beauty, and thought, with possibility.


Car Ferry

Bunny Cloud

Bunny Cloud

On My Back

Thoughtfully  looking up at clouds a correlation evolves.

Inspiration in a passing moment.

Seeking harmony in bunny clouds that become thunderheads at night.

Being present in this ephemeral time capsule.  Can I see it?

Now I will draw a picture and moor this event to the next with a paper chain.


8x10moth web

Moth and Moon