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I'm happy you found my blog where passion for creating is alive and exciting things are happening. I will be showing quirky new releases created with my unique visual lingo. Please enjoy the collection of ideas that inspire the enhancement of daily living. D Michael

Acute Collage Revision

Acute Collage Revision

I am in the process of revising Acute Collage to make it available on this site. 
I have posted the Cover and first 10 pages in the menu  under Pictures with Words

All feedback is welcome! 

Thanks for looking, D Michael Workman



Acute Evolution

The Evolution of the front page.


The process of creating Acute Collage is wrapping up. Experience tells me that when I make things with my hands, my emotional regulation improves. I feel calmer and many of the things that I find troubling I manage better. So, while I have been making collages, my worries have actually reduced. Handling personal problems became doable. I am recharged by  using hand skills and aesthetic choices to build collages. Then I generalize my skills and choice from the collage making, stir, blend, serve, and feel better. 

Choosing what feeling needs action and which to let pass, is risk and joy. The steps used to set up the balance, between, factual and emotional areas of life, are often hard and rewarding. There is nothing like pushing off from a burning boat dock, with a boatload of experience to discover, a new harbor with the option of many docks, and begin another exploration. A great deal of time has gone into documenting my subconscious and intentional design concepts. How do I make/change, ideas into images?  The   journaling with collage fragments of images is one, project. I collect ideas and use collage making as a way to take personal action, creating what I want. Sometimes, what I want is just another look at a thought and making a collage provides a new way before I move on.

The equation for everyday living is always changing, add something, subtract something, and stand it on its head. I know it’s abstract, but just think, so is the theory of relativity. By the way, that person had a few other thoughts.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein 

No problem with that for me, every collage is different.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
Albert Einstein 

I  use what is available to me in everyday experience to create a way of life that is healthy, exciting and mine to change.

What do you think? Leave a message or comment while you listen to “Changes” by David Bowie

Love all creative VIBE’S, I salute happy spinning!
D Michael


Changes by David Bowie 1972

Night Skylift Luggage

Leaving the hospital at night on the sky lift with his 1953 luggage he thought,
I was born into this life in a hospital and now 60 years later again I leave the hospital,
with my mothers luggage.



Shadows and Wonder


A day at the beach with shadows and wonder.

It was a warm day at the end of January when we headed to the beach.There seems to be a consensus among my friends that the beach provides an amazing natural regeneration of love for life.The beach has a 1906 shipwreck. Who knows what treasure or seashells you might find.My mind was open to the possibilities of all types of wonder. No great shells were found on this trip, but the footprints of an explorer before us left the gift of their presence. This unique moment in time is important. Sand mixed with crumbled seashell and seaweed hummus fell from the explorers foot with every step in their journey.  The small balls of sand and the toe prints cast long shadows as evening came. The texture, shadows, and impressions are as unique as every tide. Shadows and wonder are naturally regenerative.

January 2014 Fort Stevens, Oregon
The beach at Clatsop Spit